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What does Cloud Logging help an organization do?

  • A. Analyze live source code and log code updates.
  • B. Analyze logs and accelerate application troubleshooting.
  • C. Deploy infrastructure as code.
  • D. Manage storage of custom VM images.

Answer: B


You are a DevOps Engineer in an E-commerce company that sells products globally, across the countries, Customers buy products, add them to carts or check-in stock from different parts of the world with different timestamps, you need to choose a database that can scale globally without any hassle and lots of developer support, it should be consistent across regions, can scale horizontally to support enormous user, automatically replicates, shards and even auto transaction pro-cessing. Which of the following database do you choose?

  • A. Cloud Spanner
  • B. Cloud SQL
  • C. Cloud Storage.
  • D. Cloud Firestore.

Answer: A


Cloud Spanner:

Fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency, and up to 99.999% availability.

- Get all the benefits of relational semantics and SQL with unlimited scale

- Start at any size and scale with no limits as your needs grow

- Enjoy high availability with zero scheduled downtime and online schema changes

- Deliver high-performance transactions with strong consistency across regions and continents

- Focus on innovation, eliminating manual tasks with capabilities like automatic sharding Automatic sharding Cloud Spanner optimizes performance by automatically sharding the data based on request load and size of the data. As a result, you can spend less time worrying about how to scale your database and instead focus on scaling your business.

Strong transactional consistency

Purpose-built for external, strong, global transactional consistency.

Regional and multi-regional configurations

No matter where your users may be, apps backed by Cloud Spanner can read and write up-to-date strongly consistent data globally Additionally, when running a multi-region instance, your database is able to survive a regional failure, and offers industry-leading 99.999% availability.

Online schema changes with no downtime

Cloud Spanner users can make a schema change, whether it's adding a column or adding an index while serving traffic with zero downtime. Hence you now have the flexibility to adapt your database to your business needs without compromising on the availability of your application.


You are a cloud architect in a software solution provider company, one of the client that is a Na-tional Bank who wants to build an application that deals with transactions processing, and it needs a relational database with petabyte of scale dat a. Which of the following Google Cloud Services will you use?

  • A. Cloud Spanner
  • B. Cloud SQL
  • C. Google Cloud BigQuery
  • D. Cloud Bigtable

Answer: A


- Cloud Spanner is the online transaction processing solution that is relational and offers petabyte scalability. Cloud SQL is not designed for petabyte-scale data.


An organization wants to move from a tactical cloud adoption approach to a transformational approach.

How should they adapt the way they lead the organization?

  • A. Invest in on-premises infrastructure to redesign relationships between IT and employees
  • B. Shift from an operational expenditure model to capital expenditure
  • C. Drive cloud adoption with an individual contributor focus
  • D. Increase top-down visibility and foster a culture of blamelessness

Answer: D



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